UPDATE: EDPS Future of data protection enforcement

17/06/2022 | EDPS

On 16 & 17 June 2022, an EDPS-hosted conference brings together stakeholders involved in digital regulation from all around the world to consider and debate current approaches to enforcement while contemplating future alternative models. Read the welcome letterevent leaflet, and agenda

In related news, seventy data protection officers from EU institutions came together on 14 June to celebrate the 50th meeting with the European Data Protection Supervisor. Now in its eighteenth year, the twice-yearly meetings guide DPOs on the path to data protection compliance and encourage cooperation between EU institutions.

UPDATE: 170622 - In a keynote speech at the Future of data protection two-day conference, EDPS Wojciech WiewiĆ³rowski called for a "pan-European data protection enforcement model" in order to ensure consistent and fundamental data protection rights. "Such a model would not only mitigate the problem of uneven allocation of responsibilities but would also help to ensure real consistency in data protection law across the EU, including through strong mechanisms of collegiality," WiewiĆ³rowski said.

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