Apple launches privacy focussed child safety feature in UK

20/04/2022 | The Guardian

Apple has announced a new safety feature for children will be introduced in the UK. The feature was first launched in the US in December and is known as communication safety in Messages. It is designed to warn children using the Apple app if they receive or send photos containing nudity. With the setting turned on, images containing nudity in any photos received by a child will be blurred. The child will then be warned and directed towards resources from child safety groups. Similar protections will apply if a child attempts to send images containing nudity. The child will be encouraged not to send the photos and will be provided with an option to send a "Message a Grown-Up”. All image processing will be carried out on the device itself, and Apple will not receive any data relating to the analysis. 

Apple delayed plans to scan iPhone photos for child sexual abuse following significant backlash. 

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